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Our team is made up of experienced operators. We have been through the ups and downs of a startups, turnarounds, acquisitions and successful IPO's. Over the past 30 years we have seen success, failure, and everything in between. We’re organized in a way that allows collaborative “deal swarming.”
This approach allows us to minimize cycles on owners and conduct smart diligence. Our firm is built on people with operational backgrounds which enables us to be helpful at critical stages of a companies life. Designed for people who make tough, sometimes unpopular, high-stakes, trade off decisions that impact others.

Team: Team Members



Eric is a former President/CEO and director of public companies in consumer electronics, online streaming media and mobile industries. My expertise is in new products, distribution, and capital formation of private and public offerings. I have successfully launched consumer electronic products of the world’s first dual deck VCR for Go-Video, Discovery Channel CD ROM, Jurassic Park movie merchandise, and the electronic TV Host.

His activities for the past few years have been as an active mentor, Start Up Weekend judge and co-investor in early stage companies of which investment participation included Google Ventures, Mark Cuban, 500 StartUps, Y Combinator, and MicroVentures. Currently he is an advisor to several early stage growth companies and member of the Crowdfunding Industry Professionals Association.

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