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Associate Advisor

Prad is a seasoned executive and technologist with over 15 years of experience in the US, Middle East and Indian Markets. He has extensive experience in Business Development, Business Strategy, Operations and Negotiations, in diverse industries including Telecom, Energy, Media, Government and Education.

Prad is currently Chief Technology Officer at DC Government .Prior to joining us, Prad served as the CEO of PowerOneData International, a smart grid solutions provider. He has served as the VP Strategy / Business Development & Group CTO, and a founding member of the Phi Group.Prad has been involved in Technology Consulting, and worked with various clients in the US and India, including telecom mobile payment platforms and at the World Bank Group in Washington DC.

Prad has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Embedded Systems Engineering, and am E-MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS).

Prad Mohanty: TeamMember
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